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Our Oxygeneo technology triggers the natural process of oxygenation from within, resulting in smoother, revitalized skin.

OxyGeneo is a new concept in facial care that harnesses the body’s own natural mechanisms for revitalized skin and a balanced complexion.

Harnessing natural oxygen molecules from within, by triggering the Bohr effect, the skin is oxygenated and refreshed. The increase in oxygen on the skin surface contributes to younger and healthier-looking skin and increases the blood flow and the natural metabolic processes. In addition to the elevated oxygen levels in the skin, Oxygeneo gently exfoliates the skin surface and active ingredients are introduced to treat various skin conditions. The treatments result in smoother and revitalized skin, with immediate and long-term effects.

A 3 in 1 skin care treatment to actively nourish, vitalize and hydrate the skin:
  • Exfoliation of the outer skin layer
  • Infusion of revitalizing nutrients
  • Oxygenation of skin generated from within
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